My store remains paused as I proceed with physical therapy after having quintuple bypass heart surgery. I am allowed to communicate via email and look forward to being able to put more time into this area of my business. Please contact me directly by email at Any and all questions are welcome!

Vollmer Bullets

Hard to find Semi-Jacketed Soft Point Bullets sized from .400 to .406 (100 bullets/box)

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This category of products seeks interest in hard to find calibers that sportsmen would like to see bullets available so they can reload and keep great firearms shooting their best.  I am in the design phase for this range of calibers with an order for tooling imminent.  Bullets made in this category will satisfy the needs of firearms chambered for the following cartridges (not all inclusive):

40 S&W
10mm Auto
38 Colt Lightning
38-40 Winchester
400 CorBon
401 PowerMag
40-44 Woodswalker 
40-454 JDJ
41 Short Colt
40-50 Sharps
40-60 Marlin
40-60 Maynard
40-63 Ballard
40-65 Ballard Everlasting
40-70 Ballard
40-70 Sharps
40-85 Ballard
40-90 Sharps
40-110 Winchester Express
40-60 Winchester
400 Purdey
40-70 Winchester
41 Long
41 Short
450/400 Nitro Express
401 Winchester Self-Loading
40-65 Winchester
40-72 Winchester
40-75 Winchester
40-85 Winchester
I will be making handgun and rifle bullets weighing from ~125 grains (handgun) to ~425 grains (rifle) with various weights in between that have loading data found at that compiles data from a variety of sources.
With enough interest (3,000 individual bullets ordered) tooling is ordered, the bullets are developed, and I go into production with them.  This can take considerable time (up to 2 years) but your investment in this pursuit can be refunded in full at any time.  Those that choose to hang tight with me WILL get more than they expected.  For example, you can expect a slugging kit designed to tell you exactly the diameter bullet your firearm needs to shoot, a box of 50 for each design produced, etc. Patience will pay off and you will be shooting that firearm again instead of it becoming a safe queen.  Once in production you can expect to see boxes of 50, 100, 125, and possibly 150 bullets.  If the wait gets intolerable, I will certainly refund any investment you have in this.  Currently, I hope to be in production by the end of 2020.

      Let me know what cartridge you need to load for in this diameter range so I can evaluate it and get it included!