300 grain and 338 grain bullets are now available for the .38-55 and .375. Get load data from www.loaddata.com.

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.38-55 / .375 Caliber 300 Grain Jacketed Flat Point Bullets (No Cannelure)

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These are component bullets for modern or vintage rifles chambered for the .38-55 caliber cartridge or any domestic .375 caliber or wildcat capable of launching this heavy weight bullet..  This is not loaded ammunition.  These are newly manufactured soft point bullets (pure lead) with a 0.200" meplat (flat nose) that are perfect for tubular magazines of all lever action rifles.  The ratio of copper to lead produces a well supported soft core with expansion controlled with jacket thickness, ogive, and meplat.  I offer this bullet in six different diameters from 0.375" to 0.380" to custom fit the bullet to your firearm.  You will see remarkable improvement using the proper diameter bullets!  Don't know the proper diameter for your bore?  You need my simple to use slugging kit!  Due to the extra length of this bullet, I am not offering it with a crimp ring (cannelure).  You must ensure adequate case neck grip you can buy a Lee Precision Factory Crimp Die (sold here too) made for the .38-55 cartridge to secure the bullet into the casing.  This lets you customize the cartridge overall length yet still properly crimp the bullet.  Expect delivery within three weeks but could be by the end of the month following the month purchased depending on where in production the order was taken.  When inventory is exhausted, back orders are taken and filled in the order they were received.

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