I sincerely appreciate everybody's patience getting my bullets. I am one man who has made over 100,000 bullets on three manual presses dedicating myself to quality over speed and am dreadfully behind. I enjoy making the best bullets one by one with every available second and my energy builds with every customer review and re-order! If your order has not yet been filled, it has NOT been lost! You are welcome to contact me with any questions or concerns at works4us1@yahoo.com. Again, I appreciate everyone's patience and trust!

Hard to find Semi-Jacketed .338 Flat Nose Soft Point Bullets100 Bullets/box

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  • $56.75

UPDATE: Tooling has been ordered and will support bullets with a 0.338" diameter.  The first to be developed will be around the .33 Winchester cartridge but tooling should accommodate any cartridge using a 0.338" bullet.


Do you make hand loads but can't find the proper bullets for a specific firearm that has long been out of production?  Sales here are collected until 3,000 bullets are ordered.  Then tooling is ordered, the bullets are developed, and I go into production with them.  While this can take considerable time (up to 2 years), your investment in the effort can be refunded in full at any time up to when the tooling is ordered to be made.  Those that choose to hang tight with the project will typically get much more than they expect.  Patience will pay off and you will be shooting that firearm again instead of it becoming a safe queen. This particular category will supply bullets for the following cartridges:

  • 33 Winchester
  • 333 Rimless Nitro-Express
  • 333 Jeffery Rimless
  • 333 OKH (O'neil-Keith-Hopkins)
  • 333 Flanged Jeffery
  • 334 OKH (O'neil-Keith-Hopkins)
  • 338-223 Straight
  • 338 Whisper
  • 338 KDK
  • 33 (Belted) BSA
  • 338-06
  • 338 Winchester Magnum
  • 330 Dakota
  • 338 Lapua Magnum
  • 338 Weatherby Magnum
  • 338 Canadian Magnum
  • 338 A-Square
  • 338 Excaliber
  • 338/50 Talbot

Did I miss any?  Let me know and I will add it to this list.