I have reactivated this web site and can resume selling items I have put in stock. I am still making bullets with every available second and will continue this pace until all bullet orders are fulfilled and an inventory created. If your order has not yet been filled, it has NOT been lost! You are welcome to contact me with any questions or concerns at works4us1@yahoo.com. I appreciate everyone's patience!

Vollmer Bullets

.38-55 Caliber 200 Grain Jacketed Flat Point Bullets, 0.377". In Inventory

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These are component bullets used to reload cartridges for modern or vintage rifles chambered for the .38-55 caliber cartridge; this is not loaded ammunition.  These are newly manufactured, hand-made, semi-jacketed, soft point bullets with a 0.200" meplat (flat nose) that are perfect for tubular magazines of all lever action rifles.  I try to stock 0.377" diameter bullets for a quick turn around for my customer as this diameter is the most popular for this caliber.  If you don't know your firearm's groove diameter you should consider getting my .38-55 caliber slugging kit. I try my best to keep these in stock but some finish time is still required as I must install cannelures as requested and package as requested as well but I should be able to ship within a week of ordering. These are excellent bullets that will keep any .38-55 shooting like it should.  

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