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.355" to .361" and now 0.351" Diameter 180 Grain Jacketed Round Nose Hollow Point Bullets.

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These are component bullets for modern or vintage handguns or rifles chambered for cartridges using bullets with diameters ranging from .355" to .361" and .351.  This is not loaded ammunition.  These are newly manufactured, hand-made, semi-jacketed, soft flat point bullets.  Available from 0.355" to 0.361" in 1/1000th increments to fit a variety of calibers utilized in lower velocity firearms (<2000 fps) and higher velocity firearms (>2000 fps)   Bullets designed for <2000 fps feature a lighter jacket whereas bullets designed for >2000 are designed with a heavier, pure copper jacket.  The 0.351" bullets bring the Winchester .351 Self Loading cartridge back to life!  These are excellent bullets that will keep these firearms shooting their best.  Orders for a specific diameter are collected then handmade. Custom fit your firearm with my associated slugging kit.  Please ask questions!

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