I sincerely appreciate everybody's patience getting my bullets. I am one man who has made over 100,000 bullets on three manual presses dedicating myself to quality over speed and am dreadfully behind. I enjoy making the best bullets one by one with every available second and my energy builds with every customer review and re-order! If your order has not yet been filled, it has NOT been lost! You are welcome to contact me with any questions or concerns at works4us1@yahoo.com. Again, I appreciate everyone's patience and trust!

.38 Caliber (i.e. .38-55) 200 Grain Jacketed Flat Point Bullets. Back Order

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These are component bullets for modern or vintage rifles chambered for the a nominal .38 caliber cartridge from 0.375" to 0.380" inclusively.  This is not loaded ammunition.  These are newly manufactured, hand-made, semi-jacketed, soft point bullets with a 0.200" meplat (flat nose) that are perfect for tubular magazines of all lever action rifles.  You have come to the right place to get the perfect bullet for your rifle but custom fitting takes time and demand for my bullets is growing.  Ordering these particular bullets may take up to six months or sometimes more though I continually make them and try to ship by the end of the month following the month your order was taken.  These are excellent bullets that will keep any .38-55, .38-56 or any other .38 caliber firearm shooting like it should.  The groove diameter of vintage firearms varies widely so I offer this bullet in six different diameters to custom fit the bullet to your firearm.  You will see remarkable improvement using the proper diameter bullets!  Don't know the proper diameter of your bore?  You need my simple to use slugging kit!  With adequate neck grip you can choose my bullets without a cannelure or you can buy a Lee Precision .38-55 Factory Crimp Die (sold here too) to crimp with or without a crimp ring on the bullet.  This lets you customize the cartridge overall length yet still crimp the bullet as desired.

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