I sincerely appreciate everybody's patience getting my bullets. I am one man who has made over 100,000 bullets on three manual presses dedicating myself to quality over speed and am dreadfully behind. I enjoy making the best bullets one by one with every available second and my energy builds with every customer review and re-order! If your order has not yet been filled, it has NOT been lost! You are welcome to contact me with any questions or concerns at works4us1@yahoo.com. Again, I appreciate everyone's patience and trust!

40 caliber series Jacketed Flat Point bullets (100 bullet box)

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These are jacketed bullets with pure lead cores designed to perform at lower velocities typically fired in vintage firearms. These bullets have a large 0.225" flat meplat  supported by the surrounding jacket perfect for tubular magazine use. A crimp ring can be added to your specification as requested. My crimp rings are 50/1000ths wide and are measured from the bullet base to the bottom of the crimp ring.

Development continues for bullets in this design but four different weight bullets can be ordered now! I thank interested marksmen/collectors for their trust and their investment that led to being able to offer this bullet line. I hope they shoot well for you and can restore the use of some fine vintage firearms!


Bullets made in this category will satisfy the needs of firearms chambered for the following cartridges (not all inclusive):

40 S&W
10mm Auto
38 Colt Lightning
38-40 Winchester
400 CorBon
401 PowerMag
40-44 Woodswalker 
40-454 JDJ
41 Short Colt
40-50 Sharps
40-60 Marlin
40-60 Maynard
40-63 Ballard
40-65 Ballard Everlasting
40-70 Ballard
40-70 Sharps
40-85 Ballard
40-90 Sharps
40-110 Winchester Express
40-60 Winchester
400 Purdey
40-70 Winchester
41 Long
41 Short
450/400 Nitro Express
401 Winchester Self-Loading
40-65 Winchester
40-72 Winchester
40-75 Winchester
40-85 Winchester
Generally, I use load data from www.loaddata.com to determine bullet weight offerings.  The more loads available for a given weight bullet, the more likely you will see that weight bullet offered through my web site.
Let me know what cartridge you need to load for in this diameter range so I can evaluate it and get it included!

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