Due to amassing orders well beyond my current production capacity, I am pausing my web site beginning Monday 5/3/21 so I can focus on my huge backlog of orders. You can still peruse the website but I will be switching to selling bullets that I have already made instead of taking orders and then making them. You are welcome to contact me via email and I will contact you when what you want is back in stock or make special arrangements with me to provide bullets for a match or hunt. works4us1@yahoo.com

Vollmer Bullets

Hard to find Semi-Jacketed Soft Point Bullets sized from .400 to .406 (100 bullets/box)

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This category of products seeks interest in hard to find calibers that sportsmen would like to see bullets available so they can reload and keep great firearms shooting their best.  I am in the tooling phase for this range of calibers; tooling has been ordered! With the tooling ordered, the tool and die company knows I mean business and we discuss the intricacies of the tooling so I can get the most out of that tooling.  Specifically, a bullet's weight is contained in the shank of the bullet, i.e. the area directly behind the ogive.  For a given ogive, the weight range the tooling can produced is discussed and selected.  In this case, I should be able to supply bullets well under 125 grains and heavier than 425 grains.  Until I get the tooling and test, these numbers are likely conservative.  Core seating is another process to accommodate and it is the design of the core seater that allows me to seat the cores for a given end profile.  This generally means one die yet several seating punches to seat the lead within the jacket at various locations or seat the lead outside of the jacket.  The Point Form dies are where the tooling get expensive.  The point form satisfies the ogive and final shape of the bullet.  Want to change the shape? Yes, you need a different point form die.  Rifle and pistol ogive tooling was selected to insure a proper ogive for the application.  Flat tips, hollow points, etc. are taken into consideration.  It is here that I don't want to scrimp and try to apply one design to all applications.  I've included a Saber Tooth design into the point forming as well to produce a preformed, segmented Round Nose or Flat nose with closed or open (hollow point) capability.

Bullets made in this category will satisfy the needs of firearms chambered for the following cartridges (not all inclusive):

40 S&W
10mm Auto
38 Colt Lightning
38-40 Winchester
400 CorBon
401 PowerMag
40-44 Woodswalker 
40-454 JDJ
41 Short Colt
40-50 Sharps
40-60 Marlin
40-60 Maynard
40-63 Ballard
40-65 Ballard Everlasting
40-70 Ballard
40-70 Sharps
40-85 Ballard
40-90 Sharps
40-110 Winchester Express
40-60 Winchester
400 Purdey
40-70 Winchester
41 Long
41 Short
450/400 Nitro Express
401 Winchester Self-Loading
40-65 Winchester
40-72 Winchester
40-75 Winchester
40-85 Winchester
Generally, I use load data from www.loaddata.com to determine bullet weight offerings.  The more loads available for a given weight bullet, the more likely you will see that weight bullet offered through my web site.
With enough preproduction sales (3,000 individual bullets ordered) or a positive profit potential balances current tooling debt tooling is ordered, the bullets are developed, and I go into production with them.  This can take considerable time (up to 2 years) but your investment in this pursuit can be refunded in full at any time.  Those that choose to hang tight with me WILL get more than they expected.  For example, you can expect a slugging kit designed to tell you exactly the diameter bullet your firearm needs to shoot, a box of 50 for each design produced, etc. Patience will pay off and you will be shooting that firearm again instead of it becoming a safe queen.  Once in production you can expect to see boxes of 50, 100, 125, and possibly 150 bullets.  If the wait gets intolerable, I will certainly refund any investment you have in this.  Currently, I hope to be in production by mid 2021.

      Let me know what cartridge you need to load for in this diameter range so I can evaluate it and get it included!

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