Countless blessings from all my customers have left me fully capable to man my presses and make bullets! Though still cautious, I have been steadily making bullets since mid November trying to catch up on a huge backlog of bullet orders! I can't thank you enough for your support but hope you will find patience as I get orders out as fast as I can without compromising the quality you've all come to expect and will get. Orders taken after February 1st may take up to two months to receive.

Vollmer Bullets

Lee Precision .375 SOCOM/Raptor Factory Crimp Die

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Putting a light crimp to a .375 SOCOM or Raptor cartridge retains the bullet in the casing longer during ignition improving combustion of the propellant.  This promotes a cleaner, more complete burn.  Proper case neck tension alone may keep your bullet from moving during recoil but this crimp die will give you the control to make the best, most accurate cartridge and tight clover leaf groups are what it is all about!

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