I sincerely appreciate everybody's patience getting my bullets. I am one man who has made over 100,000 bullets on three manual presses dedicating myself to quality over speed and am dreadfully behind. I enjoy making the best bullets one by one with every available second and my energy builds with every customer review and re-order! If your order has not yet been filled, it has NOT been lost! You are welcome to contact me with any questions or concerns at works4us1@yahoo.com. Again, I appreciate everyone's patience and trust!

Lee Precision .38-55 Caliber Factory Crimp Die

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In my support of .38-55 shooters, I obtained a vintage .38-55 cartridge and pulled the bullet.  While the original bullet had lubrication rings on the shank, it did NOT have a crimp ring.  The casing was obviously crimped at the mouth but that crimp was applied directly to the bullet, not in a crimp ring.  I offer .38-55 bullets with or without a crimp ring and sell the Lee Precision Factory Crimp Die to crimp the casings directly into the bullet just like the original.  With the Cartridge Overall Length (COAL) specifications for this cartridge, you may have found that this crimp is almost directly at the ogive/shank junction.  This is a very difficult place to put a crimp ring and the original cartridge achieved the COAL by crimping into the bullet without a crimp ring.  When a bullet comes out of the dies it is PERFECT.  Then a crimp ring is embossed into it.  Vollmer Precision resizes bullets after applying the crimp ring to assure this perfection is maintained.  The Lee Factory Crimp Die lets you adjust your COAL to your specifications without leaving an unused crimp ring on the bullet.  I don't think you'll find these dies cheaper anywhere else! They are sometimes hard to find so get it while supplies last!

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